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RF/Microwave Connectors

Our comprehensive offering of RF/Microwave connectors and adapters is available in a wide variety of configuration options and backed by more than three decades of design and manufacturing excellence.

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Designed for denser packaging within RF/Microwave systems, these are the interconnect system of choice when applications call for higher frequencies and compact placement.

XMP™ Interconnect Series

A convenient blind-mateable solution specifically for ultra-high-power applications, our XMP series combines our design expertise in push-on connectors with application-specific materials to achieve high power handling capability at RF frequencies.

Pre-Tinned Push-On “Boss” PCB Connectors

The pre-tinned surfaces of these SMP & SMPM PCB-mount connectors prevent corrosion and oxidization while increasing solder joint reliability. The embossed feature allows gases to escape from under the connector body, preventing the “popcorn effect" commonly associated with the high heat applied during the wave solder process.

TMP® Interconnect Series

Comparable in size to an SMA connector, and with similar power handling capability and durability in a push-on configuration, our TMP series is a convenient blind-mateable solution specifically for high-power applications.

SMP-L Interconnect Series

This connector series incorporates Secure-Lok™, a patented locking mechanism, into the standard SMP interface, which reinforces holding power.

SMP Interconnect Series

The SMP interconnect series relies on a floating female-to-female adapter (commonly referred to as a “bullet”) to enable stacking of boards equipped with an SMP male PCB connector.

SMPM® Interconnect Series

The industry standard for RF/microwave applications, this connector series is 30% smaller than the SMP connector, enabling increased design performance and complexity and improved form factor.

Safe-D-LOCK® Connectors

A reliable alternative to conventional self-locking connectors, the unique design installs quickly without wasting valuable mass or space in the host system

SMPS Interconnect Series

This sub-miniature, lightweight blind-mateable interconnect solution is ideal for complex high-performance microwave modules and systems where weight is the primary issue.


Provide optimal, high signal integrity in increasingly dense applications

CoreHC™ Ganged Interconnect System

High-performance compression mount multi-port interconnect system with both 2.5 mm and 4 mm spacing pitch. Designed for demanding bandwidths up to 65 GHz. Standard products are available in single-, 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-channel configurations.

CoreGD™ Ganged Interconnect System

A high-performance, multiport interconnect system that offers excellent signal integrity to complex layouts and crowded PCBs.

Precision Board Mount Connectors

We offer a wide portfolio of low-loss, high-frequency precision RF connectors in various configurations for design flexibility within multiple applications.

Precision Board-Mount Connectors

Low-loss, high-frequency precision RF connectors available in various configurations and 1.00, 1.35, 1.85, 2.40, and 3.50 mm options

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