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Amphenol CIT offers a full range of fiber optic cable assemblies including fiber jumpers, connectorized assemblies, highly complex breakout assemblies, long length assemblies and fiber harnessing on racks, trays or other structures and terminates all common connector and termini designs.

Designed to perform in the harshest installation and operating environments such as aerospace, defense and industrial applications, Amphenol CIT’s fiber optic assemblies offer unmatched performance in temperature extremes with immunity to electromagnetic inference (EMI).

Assembly Testing Protocols

  • High definition video visual inspection of fiber connector interfaces at high magnification, with digital  capture, complete test reporting and archiving of termination endface quality
  • Multiple channel IL/RL testing at 660/850/1310/1550 nanometer wavelengths with full test results reporting
  • Advanced interferometer testing for precise endface geometry control

How to Order

1) Choose your cable codes from the Cable Information table.
2) Choose your connector codes from the Connector Codes table (consult factory if your connector is not shown).
3) Build your assembly part number from the Part Number Guide.

Cable Information Table

Fiber Count Fiber Type Fiber Characteristic Coating Type Jacket Type
001 A OM1 (62.5/125) H 105/125 (MM) 1 N/A A Standard (-40°C to +65°C) 1 Coated Fiber
002 B OM2 (50/125) I 110/125 (MM) 2 Bend Insensitive B Mid Temp (-65°C to +125°C) 2 900um Acrylate Buffered
003 C OM3 (50/125) J 200/240 (MM) 3 Polarization Maintaining C High Temp (-65°C to +150°C) 3 900um Fluoropolymer Buffered
... D OM4 (50/125) K PM (SM) 4 Radiation Hardened D Extreme Temp (-65°C to +260°C) 4 Fluoropolymer Jacketed
999 E OS1 (SM) L POF (MM) 5 Custom/Other E Custom/Other 5 Custom/Other
F OS2 (SM) M Custom/Other
G 100/140 (MM)

Connector Codes Table

Contact A Contact A Polish Contact B Contact B Polish Engineering Assigned Length Unit of Measure
A ARINC 801 K FC 1 Flat A ARINC 801 K FC 1 Flat XXX 001 IN
B Elio® L MTP (M) 2 PC B Elio® L MTP (M) 2 PC 002 FT
C M29504/4 M MTP (F) 3 SPC C M29504/4 M MTP (F) 3 SPC 003 MT
D M29504/5 N MT-RJ (M) 4 UPC D M29504/5 N MT-RJ (M) 4 UPC ... MM
E M29504/14 O MT-RJ (F) 5 APC(8°) E M29504/14 O MT-RJ (F) 5 APC (8°) 999 CM
F M29504/15 P LX-5 6 Optical Lens F M29504/15 P LX-5 6 Optical Lens KM
G Pro-Beam® Q MU 7 Custom/Other G Pro-Beam® Q MU 7 Custom/Other
H LC R SMA 905 H LC R SMA 905
J ST T Custom/Other J ST T Custom/Other

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 Fiber Optic Assemblies information sheet

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