At Amphenol CIT, our commitment to providing you with end-to-end solutions comes to life through our comprehensive suite of services. By working closely with you, we gain an exceptional focus on solutions specifically tailored to your needs, from design to delivery and beyond.

We’re ready to take on your next challenge.

We can design, build, test, certify and deliver precisely what you need, exactly when you need it. Whether it’s for Commercial Aerospace, Military & Defense, Space, Test & Measurement, Industrial or Medical Technology applications, Amphenol CIT has just what it takes to get it done.

Design and Engineering

Amphenol CIT  has over 350 engineers and test professionals who work every day to meet all your engineering, development and qualification needs in-house, giving you a head-start on your product development process.
- Component Design
- Integration and Installation Engineering

Contract Manufacturing

When you partner with Amphenol CIT, you’re connected to a global manufacturer with diverse resources to manufacture your product at any scale required. Our build-to-print capabilities are strategically aligned to give you complete control over the design and product modification process.
- Custom Composite Cables
- Cutting and Marked Wire Kits
- Wire Harnesses and Cable Bundles
- Custom Overbraiding
- RF Assembly and Test
- Fiber Optics
- Equipment Racks
- Switch Panels
- Electromechanical Structures
- Aircraft Modification Kits
- Machining and Additive Manufacturing
- Sheet Metal Fabrication and Forming
- Laser Marking and Engraving

Overbraiding Services

We have the resources to meet your needs for custom overbraiding of cables, wire harnesses, tubing, hoses or as standalone braid products.
- Overbraiding of customer-supplied
      products, simple to complex
- High-temperature OEM and MRO
      aircraft engine applications
- AOG repairs of harness braiding 

Testing and Field Services

Amphenol CIT provides a variety of test kits, test facilities, and field support resources in support of our products.
- Fiber Optic Test & Inspection Kits
- Product Qualification & Testing
- Customer Product Training
- On-site Technical Support Services
- Vibration & Shock Testing

Amphenol CIT

Our most popular, high-performance products, available off the shelf in low-volume quantities – perfect for your design opportunities!
- Avionics RF Cables
- Avionics RF Connectors
- Backshells
- Fiber Optic Cables
- High-Speed Data Connectors
- High-Speed Digital Data Cables
- Specialty Interconnect
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