Contract Manufacturing Services

When you partner with Amphenol CIT, you’re connected to a global manufacturer with diverse resources to manufacture your product at any scale required. Our build-to-print capabilities are strategically aligned to give you complete control over the design and product modification process. Inside our full-service fabrication facilities, we can manufacture custom components, discrete assemblies, or complete avionics systems kits from customer-supplied drawings or 3D models with product modifications you control. Amphenol CIT manufacturing engineers are involved as needed throughout the process to facilitate manufacturability, target cost savings opportunities, and minimize waste. Finally, we incorporate a formalized program for tracking customer documents, revisions, and updates to ensure customer-authorized change control and unit-to-unit repeatability between production runs.

Build-to-Print Process

  • Manufacturing engineers and manufacturing personnel review customer-supplied drawings to ensure optimized production plans
  • Recommended design or material modifications are submitted for customer approval prior to production
  • Approved customer-supplied drawings are entered into our Customer Document Log (CDL) with all updates recorded as needed during the production process
  • Supply chain resources are engaged and customer forecasts are leveraged to assure capacities and robust supply planning keep your project on time
  • Production facilities adhere to ISO9001 and AS9100 procedures and approved engineering data to ensure all requirements are met and the product is delivered on-time
  • Quality teams complete customer directed acceptance tests and develop first article inspection records

Key Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Custom Composite Cables
  • Cutting and Marked Wire Kits
  • Wire Harnesses and Cable Bundles
  • Custom Overbraiding
  • RF Assembly and Test
  • Fiber Optics
  • Equipment Racks
  • Switch Panels
  • Electromechanical Structures
  • Aircraft Modification Kits


Whether your needs run from simple loose-parts kits to fully integrated solutions, Amphenol CIT can build kits to your supplied drawings, to existing STCs or manufacturer service bulletins. We also offer kits for the many STCs we own. Researching complex system specifications, as well as sourcing, purchasing, and maintaining the many required components for the development of turnkey installation kits is at the heart of our commitment to servicing our customers.

We design our installation kits to integrate the specific system being installed with the unique requirements of the customer's airframe type, and fabricate our kits to simplify the installation process. Each installation kit we build comes complete with appropriate components, per drawing specifications, and includes such items as cabling, wire harnessing, electronic and mechanical assemblies, annunciators, adapters, and associated mounting hardware and fittings. To maintain tight control of kit parts inventory, all installation kit components are individually labeled and poly-bagged or shrink-wrapped in easy-to-transport packages.

Before shipping, qualified on-staff Quality Control Inspectors check each kit to make certain that all parts have been manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards and meet stringent system requirements. With the help of our in-house FAA-certified DAR and DMIR personnel, kits are inspected as needed to ensure FAA compliance, and receive the appropriate conformity inspection tags and/or Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA). Because we have over 25 years of experience supporting the aerospace industry with kitting solutions, you can be sure that our installation kits will streamline your installation process and that your avionics systems will work correctly the first time.

Amphenol CIT can assemble kits for manufacturer service bulletins to streamline the procurement and handling of the necessary parts. To help you avoid unnecessary stocking or pulling of individual parts, our kits arrive pre-packaged under a single part number with exactly what is needed to modify a single aircraft. No more unnecessary materials in the stock room or time-consuming pulling of individual parts to perform modifications.

With our many years of experience working closely with avionics systems and airframe original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Amphenol CIT continues to meet the challenges of avionics installation provisioning by providing hardware kits that offer high-quality components, give reliable performance, and are installation friendly.

Whether your program requires build-to-print or custom kit development, you can depend on our industry experience, product knowledge, engineering capabilities and flexible manufacturing to assist with your next commercial or military installation project.

Machining and Additive Manufacturing

We’re committed to providing you with the most advanced machining capabilities available to support your most ambitious projects. So Amphenol CIT Pottstown is an ISO 9001:2008 registered facility providing high-accuracy Swiss Machining for the defense, electronics, aerospace, microwave and medical industries. We operate ultra-clean, modern CNC Swiss machinery. Swiss-style lathes are a unique lathe configuration that are able to provide parts complete, utilizing multiple spindles with extreme accuracy and at high speed. The Swiss-style lathe adds an extra element of support in close proximity to the cutting tool which minimizes cutting tool deflection and vibration, making them well suited for small or slender parts.

Leveraging the efforts of our skilled technicians and the diverse capabilities of our equipment through Cellular Manufacturing, Amphenol CIT is well suited to handle short runs, prototypes and high-volume production. We routinely machine a variety of metals including aluminum, brass, copper and copper alloys, superalloys, exotic alloys, steels, stainless steels, and titanium & titanium alloys. In addition, we work with a large variety of plastics including Teflon, PPS, PEEK, Ultem 1000, Torlon, Vespel and Delrin, to name a few. Given the very unique nature of machining & measuring precision plastics, we have dedicated an entire manufacturing cell for that purpose.

Amphenol CIT boasts a full array of CNC Swiss machine tools with up to 11 axes for machining of the most complex devices in one operation. To satisfy the demands of the industries we serve our equipment is fitted with vibration-dampening automatic bar loading, high-pressure coolant systems, linear, circular & helical interpolation, high-speed milling & super-position machining. Amphenol CIT employs lights-out manufacturing methods for complete efficiency and productivity.

Our additive manufacturing capabilities include both prototyping and production processes using a variety of materials. These capabilities are regularly evolving. Contact us with your specific needs for more details.

Micro-machining and CNC Milling Services

Micro-machining is a key technology for many of the industries we serve. Amphenol CIT provides micro-machining services utilizing our fleet of precision CNC Swiss machines. Our highly skilled technicians specialize in the art of producing the highest quality, micro-machined parts. Our facility houses advanced high-speed machine technology capable of turned diameters as small as .005" at high speed with the use of cutting tools in .004"-.006" range in not only metals but also plastics.

Our machinery and methods are directly tailored for the production of micro-sized components. For more information about our micro-machining manufacturing services or our other manufacturing capabilities, please contact us directly.

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication and Forming
  • Laser Marking and Engraving
  • Electroplating Services

Amphenol CIT offers high-quality electroplating services for the increased corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity of parts. Our developed barrel plating process imparts copper, low-stress nickel, and hard gold plating over a variety of substrates including copper-based alloys and stainless steels. Our state-of-the-art plating equipment features a computer-controlled process, with robotic load, unload, and transferring capabilities. Available pretreatment operations include an acid and alkaline-based cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etching and micro-etching, as well as chemical descaling. Plating is suitable for parts sized up to 1" in diameter and 1" in length.

All plating is held to the highest industry standards, in full compliance with ASTM B-488, MIL-G-45204, QQ-N-290, and ASTM B689. Plated parts are thoroughly tested with methods including adhesion, solderability, bake, DPA, XRF, steam aging, and nitric vapor testing. Inspections including optical and scanning electron microscopy are carried out for ensured accuracy and integrity. Lead times for plating are less than 2 weeks, with JIT delivery available. For more details about our barrel electroplating services, or the other capabilities we offer, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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