ARACON® Products

ARACON® is a high strength conductive fiber made from KEVLAR®, the same material used for bullet resistant vests. Our engineers quickly recognized that by substituting the ARACON® fiber in place of the silver plated copper braid traditionally used in our coaxial cables, we had the potential to reduce the weight by up to 30% and have a stronger connector attachment.

ARACON® Braided EMI Shields

Available in various types of tubular braided EMI shielding for your most demanding applications.


Combines the conductivity of an outer metal coating with the strength, light weight, and flexibility of aramid fibers

ARACON® Ribbon

Ideal for shielding problems that do not allow a tubular braided material to be applied

UTiFLEX® Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies

Microwave cable assemblies constructed using a low or ultra-low-density PTFE dielectric coupled with fully shielded outer conductors and a unique connector attachment that withstands mechanical and thermal stresses far better than standard connectors.

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