Cable Assemblies & Harnesses

Connections Happen Everywhere

Whether your applications are deep in space, deep under the ocean or anywhere in between, our precision-crafted cable assemblies and harnesses are ready to perform.

Streamlined, cost-effective, fully manufactured and ready-to-install, Amphenol CIT cables, connectors and assemblies are vertically integrated to offer a complete solution to your design challenges. Our custom designed and engineered solutions also maximize performance and durability.

Engineered Custom Assemblies

Amphenol CIT’s assemblies deliver outstanding mechanical and electrical performance while preserving signal integrity.

HDMI 2.0 Locking Cable Assemblies

Fully qualified to support 4K ultra high-definition displays at 60 Hz, these cable assemblies are made to order in customer-specified lengths.

Bonding Jumpers

Ensuring stability and structural bonding of airplanes, satellites and other airborne objects.

Data Bus, Power & Video Assemblies

Lightweight, cost-effective, ultra high-speed Ethernet interconnect solutions.

ECS Avionics RF Coaxial Assemblies

High-performance, lightweight and quality assemblies to reduce your operational costs.

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Unmatched performance for harsh environment installations.

RF/Microwave Cable Assemblies

Standard and custom-specified high-frequency RF cable assemblies.

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