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ECS Avionics RF Coaxial Assemblies

Avionics RF Assemblies

Each ECS brand avionics RF coaxial assembly is tested on our network analyzers to maintain high quality and ensure reliability. Insertion loss, phase matching, time delay, and VSWR are measured to verify performance and to meet your exact assembly requirements. RF assembly electrical profiles are documented, and a certificate of compliance is included with each shipset. Profiles are archived in our database to ensure repeatability. Individual phase-matched cables can be remanufactured rather than replacing an entire shipset.

Available Types:

  • Low PIM
  • TCAS Cable Sets
  • Customized Sets

Key Features:

  • Up to 75% lighter than MIL-C-17 standard cables
  • Bend radii ranges from 0.75" to 2"
  • -55 °C to 200 °C temperature range
  • Multilayered shielding for superior protection against EMI/RFI
  • Minimal insertion loss
  • Meets or exceeds FAR Part 25 burn/smoke requirements
  • Product ID marker tape with identification every 3" to 4"
  • Low PIM assemblies made with non-ferromagnetic properties to reduce multifrequency interference

Supported Frequencies:

  • HF (2 – 30 MHz)
  • Marker Beacon (75 MHz)
  • VOR/LOC (108 – 118 MHz)
  • VHF (118 – 156 MHz)
  • Glide Slope (329 – 335 MHz)
  • DME (960 – 1220 MHz)
  • GPS (1575 MHz)
  • SATCOM (1559 – 1660 MHz)
  • XM/Wi-Fi (2200 – 2400 (MHz)
  • MLS (5030 – 5091 MHz)
  • IFE - KU Band (10.7 – 12.75 GHz)


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Configured specifically for avionics systems that require a low-loss cable with frequencies between 0 - 12 GHz. Sold in bulk, these cables are available cut-to-fit or within a kit.

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Designed and fabricated to meet industry specifications including MIL-C-39012, ARINC 600, and ARINC 404, our rugged and durable ECS brand Avionics RF Connectors seal out moisture and hydraulic fluids, are durable enough to withstand extreme environmental variations in temperature and pressure, and resist vibration.

Product Information Resources

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