Satellites are constantly moving, orbiting around the world for years transmitting and receiving data. In space, there’s no second chance to get something right — a loss of signal integrity at any point over the 20-year life of a satellite likely means the end of the entire satellite itself.

The next time you make a call, check the weather to see if a hurricane is coming, find your destination with a phone app, order a cup of coffee online or research climate models, chances are those signals are made possible with Amphenol CIT interconnects.


Amphenol CIT is constantly at the forefront of the designing, building and testing of vital interconnect products that make satellites work. On any given satellite, there are typically over 1,000 RF cables. Amphenol CIT’s ARACON® weight savings product trims the RF cables by about 30 percent, allowing you to add greater capability and complexity to your satellite payload.

On the military side, Amphenol CIT has been working with the military for over two decades on secure or black programs, as well as other communication, scientific, weather and space satellites.

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