Recalibrating the Standard for Test & Measurement

Our products are designed with you in mind. Our full lineup of customizable interconnect solutions leverage our unique hybrid technology (RF + Digital + Power) and can test up to 100 GHz.

RF Products

High-density ganged interconnects, precision connectors, and RF adapters

Digital Products

AltaVel™ open-pin filed interconnect solution and card edge connectors


P200, P500, and HTP500 passive probes

Customer-Specific Products

MultiLane and Xilinx-specific products

5G Products

The solutions you need to connect systems under test (SUT) with protocol analyzers and other test and measurement instruments.

Test & Measurement Capabilities & Services

Design Capabilities:

  • 3D Modeling and Design in Solidworks, Catia & Creo
  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Signal Integrity Engineers on staff
  • Comprehensive Signal Integrity (SI) Analysis available
  • Extensive qualification testing capabilities including Electrical, Flex, Tensile, and Cycle testing, environmental stress screening (ESS), immersion testing, and X-Ray
  • In-House cable development and manufacturing with  a closed-loop system to monitor cable build in-line


  • In-house 3D printing capabilities: SLA, FDM, and PolyJet
  • Vertically integrated cable manufacturer with standard cables available for quick-turn assembly prototypes
  • Dedicated R&D prototyping resources including personnel, equipment, and floor space


  • Worldwide presence with new product development and production capabilities in Asia, Mexico, and in the United States which can be leveraged to optimize cost and lead time
  • Comprehensive standard cable offering for all applications
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