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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

The demands on MRO are intense. Regulatory requirements. Supply chain and operational pressure. Lead time, schedule and cost. For more than 50 years, airlines have trusted Amphenol CIT for their unique needs in product design, engineering and installation, technology innovation, systems integration and more.

With one of the industry’s widest ranges of Aerospace and General Aviation Interconnect products including electrical wiring, RF cabling, modification kits and services, our team can create custom hybrid solutions to keep you flying high.

Supported with a comprehensive catalog including hundreds of STC approvals, our offering also includes Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) and European Part Approval (EPA). Our modification kit services include Integrated Installation and Serviced Bulletin kits for system upgrades including ADS-B, TCAS and mode S.

Maintenance Repair

To minimize aircraft ground time and boost profitability, Amphenol CIT provides airline fleet repair stations with the comprehensive maintenance resources they require, and the responsiveness they need now.

Modifications and Overhaul

STC Engineering

We work closely with aircraft engineers to develop aircraft upgrade solutions to meet STC specifications, including assisting in gaining FAA approvals.


Amphenol CIT is more than just a manufacturer. We offer a unique kitting service that puts together multiple parts and equipment for your systems that consolidates all the items you need to do the job under one part number.


Airlines undertaking fleet upgrades know Amphenol CIT has the expertise to optimize the process, from adding passenger TV screens to major flight deck upgrades.

Mandate Management

When regulatory bodies introduce mandates requiring fleet upgrades or modifications, Amphenol CIT provides comprehensive support at any scale, anywhere in the world.



From eEnablement to flight deck telemetry, Amphenol CIT has the resources and expertise to provide airlines with comprehensive connectivity solutions, unifying the entire aircraft electronically.


Passenger-to-freight conversions require customized connectivity solutions. Amphenol CIT delivers with a depth of resources and engineering expertise you can’t find anywhere else.


Amphenol CIT, in a partnership with Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, now offers a complete ARINC 791 solution for Ka- and Ku-band SATCOM installations. The complete package contains everything required for either retrofit or forward fit installations on large jet aircraft.



As air carriers work toward the 2020 deadline for Automatic Dependent Surveillance mandate, Amphenol CIT has what it takes to bring any fleet – from the smallest to the world’s largest – into compliance quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

Contract Amphenol CIT to learn about our available ABS-B, GPS, and Enhanced Mode-S packages to help get your fleet compliant today.


Traffic Collision Avoidance mandates can present complicated upgrade challenges. Amphenol CIT offers the expertise, resources and a deep list of STCs to help guide and simplify the process for air carriers.

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