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Deep knowledge of Aircraft Electrical Systems drives our team to innovate aircraft system upgrades that meet the demands of today’s Aviation industry and help you anticipate the needs of tomorrow. Customers come to Amphenol CIT for EWIS harnessing design; cockpit upgrades, including HUD and display screens; connectivity upgrades bringing EFB and SATCOM systems together; and passenger-to-freighter conversions.

With hundreds of STC approvals, our products are ready to get to work right away. We also have in-house Federal Aviation Administration Designated Engineering Representatives (FAA DERs) to generate the appropriate reports and documentation required to ensure compliance with FAA and Aerospace airworthiness standards.

Our team of certification professionals also takes a proactive role in working with regulatory commissions such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Civil Aviation Administration China (CAAC), Transport Canada and other Aerospace governing bodies around the world. From the simplest system to the most complex, Amphenol CIT is here to help you speed your way to market.

Flight Deck & Avionics

Amphenol CIT offers some of the top-rated custom RF cables and filter connectors on the market helping you ensure system success with little threat of EMI/RFI interference. Our engineers can build a custom solution to fit your system.

Cabin Management (Panel)

Amphenol CIT provides a broad assortment of specialized cable designs and assemblies to support a wide variety of cabin management systems. Our standard and custom assemblies are designed to meet your needs while also maintaining FAA, ARINC, military and industry specifications.

Fuel Quantity Indication

Amphenol CIT provides high-performance specialty wiring engineered specifically to transmit precise, reliable data in the uniquely harsh environments of aircraft fuel tanks.

Antennae & Radar

With Amphenol CIT's expertise in antenna installation design and decades of experience, we’re able to provide antenna mounts and accessories that are manufactured and tested to ensure durability and long operational life.

  • Weather Avoidance Systems—Amphenol CIT engineers wiring and harnesses for a wide variety of weather avoidance systems, enhancing flight safety for any aircraft, wherever they fly.
  • Power Distribution—Amphenol CIT engineers EWIS-compliant designs that bring performance and reliability to the primary aircraft electrical system.
  • IFE, Connectivity & Interiors (IFECI)—Amphenol CIT offers the products and support airlines need to integrate the most advanced In-Flight Entertainment, Connectivity & Interiors (IFECI) equipment into aircraft today, and in the future.

Avionics RF Assemblies

Manufactured exclusively for avionics applications, our avionics RF cable assemblies are specially designed to be rugged and durable while sealing out moisture and hydraulic fluids. With a highly competitive market for aircraft manufacturers and operators, Amphenol CIT understands how critical it is to deliver high performance, lightweight, and quality assemblies to reduce operational expenses.

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