System Installation Kits

Exploded view of FlightGear™ ARINC 791 Installation Kit

Avionics equipment is made even better with the best installation components. We provide kits and components with varying levels of factory-completed integration to fit the needs of any installation program. One aircraft or hundreds, we are ready to help minimize the time in the hangar and get you flying again quickly.

Need something specialized? Our engineering team is ready to put together the perfect package including:

  • Custom structures
  • Harness assemblies
  • Fiber optics
  • RF cables
  • Other critical components

Our specialized designs are backed by:

  • Approvals from FAA or EASA delegates
  • Specialized substantiating documentation
  • Robust manufacturing capabilities from FAA and EASA-approved facilities

Connectivity Integration Kits

Our connectivity integration kits contain the key components you need to mount, connect, and interface modems, routers, content servers and antennas on the aircraft quickly and easily.

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