Fiber Optic Products

Smaller. Faster. Lighter.

The use of fiber optic cable and assemblies the within Aerospace and Military markets is rapidly growing, and Amphenol CIT is at the forefront of this technology. In addition to being smaller and lighter than copper, fiber optic cable transmits data over long distances much faster than copper and is immune to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

Amphenol CIT’s fiber optic products are designed and engineered to reliably perform in the harshest of environments, making use of fiber’s inherent lightweight and superior signal integrity properties.

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Amphenol CIT offers a full range of fiber optic cable assemblies.

LITEflight® Fiber Optic Cable

Amphenol CIT’s LITEflight® fiber optic cable is specifically designed to provide maximum performance and durability in the demanding conditions found in aerospace, military, industrial and other harsh environments.

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