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Industry-leading Quality Standards to Your Specifications.

With a unique ability to design, build, test and certify numerous types of interconnect structural items, Amphenol CIT has the leading edge in end-to-end manufacturing.

We focus on building the highest-quality products with the best materials available, offering a wide range of precision structures adhering to military quality standards and specifications. Our newest turnkey solution, the FlightGear™ ARINC 791, is a unique vertically integrated solution to simply and securely fit your aircraft to connectivity solutions worldwide.

Aero Structures

Diverse manufacturing capabilities for sheet metal, lathe, 5-axis CNC, and waterjet manufacturing of metal parts from under 1 inch up to 23 feet in length.


Avionics equipment mounting structures for all types of aircraft.  OEM equipment on commercial, military and rotorcraft as well as specialized configurations for unique applications.


Providing strong efficient structures optimized for weight and strength


Strong, light and airtight for aircraft applications

ARINC 836A Miniature Module

A small form factor solution for mounting avionics. Enables quick and easy installation and replacement of LRUs in the field.

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