SMP Interconnect Series

Amphenol CIT Direct launched the SMP “push-on” connector product line two decades ago to facilitate dense packaging within RF/Microwave systems.

The SMP interface has enabled design engineers to increase performance and complexity of their designs and improve upon their form factor. The SMP interconnect series relies on a floating female-to-female adapter—commonly referred to as a “bullet”— to enable stacking of boards equipped with an SMP male PCB connector. This durable construction and ability to tolerate radial and axial misalignment allows for a blindmate interconnect solution. SMP connectors can also withstand multiple engagement/disengagement cycles without degradation in electrical performance.

The success of the SMP product line has spurred the development and commercialization of other blindmate interconnect systems – namely the SSMP®, TMP® and WMP® to facilitate rapid assembly and testing for the gamut of Military and Commercial RF/Microwave applications.

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  • Frequency Range: DC - 40 GHz
  • 50 Ω Impedance; Blindmateable configuration
  • Industry standard per MIL-STD-348
  • MIL-PRF-39012 compliant
  • Ability to withstand Radial/Axial Misalignment
  • Board-mount, field-replaceable, bullets, hermetic and cable connector configurations
  • Custom connectors available

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