In space, reliability is everything. Interconnect failures can be very costly, so products need to work the first time, every time.

Our broad range of solutions has been ensuring mission success for decades in the space industry. We design and test our products to meet the requirements of extreme vibration during launch, thermal cycling, outgassing, and radiation once payloads are operational in orbit. So, whether your application is deep in space, in low orbit, within ground support equipment, or anywhere in between, we have you covered.

Cable Assemblies & Harnesses for Space Applications

Qualified to many program-specific requirements and available in multiple configurations and operating frequencies

Fast Steering Mirror (FSM) Sensors

Nanometer precision, low mass, and excellent performance under extreme temperatures

Shielding & Overbraiding Products

ARACON® and other metallic and non-metallic options for protection against EMI, abrasions, and heat

Connectors & Accessories for Space Applications

RF, digital, filtered, and highly engineered custom connector options engineered for space applications

Wire & Cable for Space Applications

Optimize loss and phase stability vs. temperature, along with excellent mechanical stability over a wide range of thermal extremes
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Standards & Qualifications for Space
Supporting the Space Industry's Most Innovative & Groundbreaking Devices, Programs, & Missions for More Than 50 Years


  • MEO
  • GEO

Deep Space Missions:

  • Voyager
  • Cassini
  • Mars Rover

Qualified for:

  • COSMIC-2
  • Europa
  • GOES
  • James Webb Space Telescope
  • JPSS
  • LUCY
  • Orion Artemis

National Space Agency Programs Produced by:

  • NASA
  • ESA
  • JAXA
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