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TMP Connectors

Amphenol CIT TMP® connectors are designed to provide a convenient blind-mateable interconnect solution specifically for high power applications. The TMP® interface is comparable in size to an SMA connector, and offers similar power handling capability and durability in a push-on configuration. It is ideal for design in radar, missile and satellite systems, as well as, commercial applications.

The design of the push-on interface enables use in microwave modules and dense packages, and facilitates rapid assembly and testing. The durable construction and ability to tolerate radial and axial misalignment allows for multiple engagement/disengagement cycles without degradation in electrical performance.


  • Frequency Range: DC - 23 GHz
  • 50 Ω Impedance; Blind-mateable configuration
  • 5000 mate & de-mate cycles
  • MIL-PRF-39012 compliant
  • Ability to withstand Radial/Axial Misalignment
  • Board-mount, Field-replaceable, Bullets, and Cable Connector configurations
  • Custom Connectors Available


Parameter Specification
Impedance 50 Ω
Frequency Range DC - 23 GHz
VSWR 1.2+.005xf (GHz)
Insertion Loss .05x√f (GHz)
Radial Misalignment +/- .020 inches
Axial Misalignment .000 - .020 inches
Temperature Range -65 to 165 ºC
Power Handling Over 200 Watts @ S Band
Environmental Meets MIL-PRF-39012 for Corrosion, Vibration, Moisture resistance, Thermal and Mechanical Shock.
Force to Engage
Full Detent 6.0 lbs typical
Limited Detent 4.5 lbs typical
Smooth Bore 3.0 lbs typical
Force to Disengage
Full Detent 7.5 lbs typical
Limited Detent 6.0 lbs typical
Smooth Bore 2.0 lbs typical

Ordering Information

Configuration Part Number Description Detent Comments
Cable Connectors MP503-1CCSF TMP (female) Bulkhead for 0.047" semi-rigid cables
MP503-2CCSF TMP (female) Bulkhead for 0.086" semi-rigid cables
MP504-1CCSF TMP (male) panel mt. for Amphenol CIT TLL26-1190B flexible cable
MP504-2CCSF TMP (male) panel mt. for 0.141" semi-rigid cables
MP505-1CC TMP (female) panel mt. for Amphenol CIT TLL26-1190B flexible cable
MP505-2CC TMP (female) panel mt. for 0.141" semi-rigid cables
PC Board Connectors MP602-1CC TMP plug (male) Edge Mount to straight termination for 0.062? thick boards Full Please consult factory if connectors required for different board thickness
MP602-2CC Limited
MP602-3CC Smooth Bore
MP703-1CC TMP plug (male) Surface Mount to right angle termination Full
MP703-2CC Limited
MP703-3CC Smooth Bore
Bullets MP541-1CC TMP (female) to TMP (female) adapter, 0.440" length
Field Replaceable Connectors MP531-1CC TMP(female) 2-hole panel mount for 0.020" pins Please consult factory if connectors required for different pin diameters
MP532-1CCSF* TMP (male) 2-hole panel mount for 0.020" pins Full
MP532-2CCSF* Limited
MP532-3CCSF* Smooth Bore
Adapters* MP544-1CCSF TMP (male) to SMA (female) adapter Smooth Bore
MP543-1CC TMP (female) to SMA (female) adapter


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