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With over 350 engineers and test personnel on staff, Amphenol CIT has the expertise and equipment to meet all of your engineering, development, and qualification needs in-house.

Design & Analysis

Using creative design and efficient material specification, Amphenol CIT provides a turnkey approach to creating solutions that offer flexibility for a wide range of product design and installation needs. Each design is tailored for the individual scope and requirements of the specific application or system type.


Offering flexible solutions tailored to the customer, we have the technologies, expertise, and infrastructure to carry out build-to-print projects with the efficiency and responsiveness that customers expect from Amphenol CIT.

STC Certification/Testing

Ensuring the airworthiness of Amphenol CIT products is just as important as designing and building them. That is why we have gathered a certification team that includes in-house Federal Aviation Administration Designated Engineering Representatives (FAA DERs) to generate the appropriate reports and documentation required to ensure compliance with FAA and aerospace industry airworthiness standards.


Because we have over 25 years of experience supporting the aerospace industry with kitting solutions, you can be sure that our installation kits will streamline your installation process and that your avionics systems will work correctly the first time.

Integrated Installation Kits

We design our installation kits to integrate the specific system being installed with the unique requirements of the customer's airframe type, and fabricate our kits to simplify the installation process.

Service Bulletin Kits

With our many years of experience working closely with avionics systems and airframe original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Amphenol CIT continues to meet the challenges of avionics installation provisioning by providing hardware kits that offer high-quality components, give reliable performance, and are installation friendly.

Hardware Kits

Our hardware kits are developed to support both retrofit and forward-fit avionics installation programs and conform to all ARINC and aerospace industry standards. To ensure on-time delivery, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of stocked parts as well as standard ARINC tray assemblies.

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