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Avionics RF Connectors

Avionics RF Connectors

Designed and fabricated to meet industry specifications including MIL-C-39012, ARINC 600, and ARINC 404, our rugged and durable ECS brand Avionics RF Connectors seal out moisture and hydraulic fluids, are durable enough to withstand extreme environmental variations in temperature and pressure, and resist vibration.

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ECS ARINC-Compatible Coax Contacts

Come as complete kits ready to be installed in standard size 1 or size 5 cavities and compatible with our ECS avionics RF cables

ECS BNC Connectors

Often used for aircraft ground support and test equipment. Straight, right-angle, bulkhead, and extended connectors are available for the complete line of optimized avionics RF cable. Available in bulk or as part of full tested assemblies.

ECS HN Connectors

Used for high-power applications and are matched to cables with comparable power-handling capabilities. Available in right-angle configurations and engineered for low-pressure aircraft environments, this connector series is the ideal choice for airborne radio.

ECS SMA Connectors

Support applications up to 18 GHz. Terminations of SMA connectors onto ECS low-weight, low-loss, avionics coaxial cable allows optimum links between SATCOM antennas and diplexer, block upconverter, or amplifier.

ECS Specialty Connectors & Adapters

Include blind mate antenna connectors, tee and bulkhead adapters, and other parts to solve unique installation challenges using a variety of standard RF interface types

ECS TNC Connectors

The most common connector for Avionics RF applications and comes in the widest range of configurations, including extended versions to reach difficult installations. Special options also exist with self-locking features, keyed configurations, and low-PIM materials.

ECS Type C Connectors

Often found on aircraft transponder systems and used in mid-frequency applications. Available in both straight and right-angle options.

ECS Type N Connectors

A more robust connector option used for a variety of aircraft antenna systems with performance up to 18 GHz. Straight and right-angle configurations for all avionics coaxial cables are available to suit your unique application.


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Avionics RF Cables

Configured specifically for avionics systems that require a low-loss cable with frequencies between 0 - 12 GHz. Sold in bulk, these cables are available cut-to-fit or within a kit.

ECS Avionics RF Coaxial Assemblies

High-performance, lightweight and quality assemblies to reduce your operational costs.

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