Missile defense contractors understand the demands of developing solutions that go beyond the expected. So do the engineers at Amphenol CIT. Our team of tenured, cross-trained engineers, highly skilled field support professionals and robust supplier-management system provide customers with a robust interconnect resource they can rely on to meet their precise needs, all while significantly reducing program risk. They know Amphenol CIT will deliver, every time.


Intercept missiles are designed to intercept and destroy to prevent it from reaching its end target. The challenge of intercepting a fast-moving, incoming missile in enormous. Amphenol CIT is a leader in innovation, pushing the technical envelope of product performance to ensure signal data remains intact, allowing the missile works as designed without compromise.


Directed by ground support systems, strike missiles are designed to hit a ground target, which also can be moving and elusive. Product performance is only as good as all of the parts within the system, and strike missiles need to be extremely precise and reliable every time. Amphenol CIT engineers understand reliability is quality and performance over time, and we are constantly working to meet the needs of a complex, fast-paced, ever-changing world.

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