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Through Amphenol CIT Direct, you will find our most popular, high-performance products available off-the-shelf in low-volume quantities – perfect for your design opportunities.

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Avionics RF Connectors

Designed and fabricated to meet industry specifications including MIL-C-39012, ARINC 600, and ARINC 404, our rugged and durable ECS Brand Avionics RF Connectors seal out moisture and hydraulic fluids, are durable enough to withstand extreme environmental variations in temperature and pressure, and resist vibration.

Types Include: ARINC, BNC, HN, SMA, TNC, Type C, Type N, and Specialty


Our lightweight backshells are designed to maximize internal space and EMI shielding – and are 60% lighter than the industry standard.

Types Include: Compact D-Sub, Mono Modular, Straight Exit Angle, and Universal Spring Latches

High-Speed Data Connectors

The Octax® high-speed family of connectors offers single- and multi-port circular, rectangular, and custom connector interfaces, enabling design engineers to achieve the highest performance in any connector package. Exceeding ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2 Category 6 and Category 7 specifications, our high-speed cable and connector solutions are the highest performing harsh-environment interconnect systems available for Ethernet and other high-speed protocols.

Types Include: Octax-Solo, Octax 38999 Style Circular Solution, Octax Hybrid, Octax LT, and Octax Adapter

Specialty Connectors

We offer a variety of innovative special-application connector solutions. Our comprehensive service includes everything from application-specific design to prototyping, qualification testing, and high-volume production.

Types Include: CLP/CLPP and Low-Profile

Avionics RF Cables

Our ECS Avionics RF cables are configured specifically for avionics systems that require a low-loss cable with frequencies between 0 - 12 GHz. Sold in bulk, these cables are available cut-to-fit or within a kit.

Types Include: 50 Ω Triaxial, 75 Ω Triaxial, 75 Ω Coaxial, and 50 Ω Coaxial

Fiber Optic Cables

LITEflight® fiber optic cable is specifically designed to provide maximum performance and durability in the demanding conditions found in aerospace, military, industrial and other harsh environments.

Types Include: LITEflight EP and LITEflight HD

High-Speed Digital Data Cables

Lightweight, compact, and durable high-speed Ethernet connectivity solutions to enhance or secure communication networks

Types Include: NETflight® Ethernet cables (Single Twisted Pair, Shielded Quad, and Twisted Pair constructions); Gigabit Ethernet Cables (Shielded Dual Quad, Gigabit-Plus™, Gigabit-Flexx™, and Gigabit-10HP™ variants)

High-Voltage Wire & Cable

These 1,000-volt wires offer exceptional flexibility in smaller-diameter, lightweight constructions for applications requiring total temperatures of up to 260 °C.

RF/Microwave Connectors

Designed for denser packaging within RF/microwave systems, these are the interconnect system of choice when applications call for higher frequencies and compact placement.

Types Include: SMP and SMPS

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