Design and Engineering Services

If you’re innovating for your business, you need an innovative solutions partner you can trust to provide the design and engineering capabilities that will help make your idea a reality. At Amphenol CIT there are over 350 engineers and test professionals who work every day to meet all your engineering, development and qualification needs in-house, giving you a head-start on your product development process. Our ability to create custom solutions means you have a true partner in innovation as you move your business forward.

Component Design

Using creative design and efficient material specification, Amphenol CIT provides a turnkey approach to creating solutions that offer flexibility for a wide range of product design and installation needs. Our dedicated professional staff will research complex system specifications, source optimum components and use only high-quality materials. Your design will then be tailored for the individual scope and requirements of the specific application or system type.

Integration and Installation Engineering

Our engineering teams specialize in integrating systems. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single cable assembly, equipment rack, complete aircraft avionics suite, or a satellite destined to orbit 22 thousand miles overhead. Amphenol CIT has the experience and technical expertise to develop the right solution, qualify it, and industrialize it for efficient production. We are here to help you optimize your current product offering and your most ambitious future initiatives.

Technical Capabilities

Amphenol CIT’s engineering staff includes specialists in structural design, electronics cooling, fatigue and damage tolerance, fiber optics, RF and signal integrity, avionics systems integration, aerodynamics, cable manufacturing, CNC machining, connector design, and more. They are supported with state-of-the-art CAD tools and analysis software, lab facilities and a global manufacturing footprint of world-class facilities.

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