Miniature Module ARINC 836A

Miniature Module ARINC 836A


The Miniature Module is a small form factor solution for mounting avionics. The solution enables quick and easy installation and replacement of Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) in the field. It consists of:

  • A tray that mounts to the aircraft
  • An enclosure to hold the electronics
  • A locking latch to allow quick and easy installation of the enclosure to the tray

Much like the ARINC 404 and ARINC 600 solutions in place today, this ARINC 836A-compliant design offers interchangeability between manufacturers and standard mounting provisions. It also:

  • Increases the number of installation locations available
  • Reduces installation time
  • Reduces maintenance cycles
  • All but eliminates the need for engineering surveys compared to custom installations
  • Allows multiple units to be stacked horizontally or vertically due to its modular design
  • Is available in double-width and double-height options
Features Benefits
Small form factor Easier to allocate space for installation of avionics compared to traditional solutions
Standardized to ARINC 836A Interchangeability across manufacturers
Compatible with Modular Racking Principle (MRP) rails Ease of installation
Lifecycle tested to 250 cycles Reliability and longevity in the field
Modular Multiple units can be fastened together to allow for expanded system capability

How the Latch Works

  • With the latch lever in the open position, The ARINC 836A enclosure is inserted into the tray via a set of two guide rails located on either side of the tray
  • The enclosure is retained within the tray via four “claws” positioned at the four corners of the latch
  • Once the large portion of the claws comes into contact with the tray during insertion, the enclosure is locked into place by pushing the latch lever into the closed position
  • The latch lever and claws interact with the tray to aid both insertion and extraction during operation
  • Several detents and a purpose-built over-center latch design ensure the latch will remain locked until an operator switches the lever back into the open position
  • From the closed and locked position, pulling the lever out into the open position both disengages the lock and pushes the enclosure out of the tray enough to ensure rear connector separation
  • The disengaged enclosure is extracted the rest of the way by hand, gliding smoothly on the guide rails until clear of the tray

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