Safe-D-LOCK® Connectors

Safe-D-LOCK® connectors offer a reliable alternative to conventional self-locking connectors, adhesive compounds or safety wire. The unique design installs quickly without wasting valuable mass or space in the host system.

Safe-D-LOCK locks to the D-FLAT on the mating connector, providing a true lock that cannot be compromised when the cable is rotated.

Safe-D-LOCK technology is contained entirely in the coupling nut of the connector, which allows the feature to be easily ported into different implementations, including low-profile, right-angle connectors.

Key Characteristics

  • Eliminates post-mate staking adhesives & FOD-prone safety wires
  • Flight heritage cryogenic operation to 20 Kelvin
  • Mated interfaces overcome cable integration torque, guaranteeing glitch-free signal integrity
  • 50% weight savings over conventional self-locking connectors
  • Modular design ports easily and economically to all SMA, 2.92 mm, and 3.5 mm connector families

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