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Our high-performance connectors and adapters are designed and engineered to be the highest-quality and the most-reliable on the market.

Our filters and connectors meet or exceed EMI industry standards and we are unmatched in speed of delivery, manufacturing flexibility, and quality control, providing consistently reliable, superior performance for your space applications.

Key Characteristics:

  • Electrical testing for AC, DC, RF, fiber optic-based products, including EMC
  • Overmolding capability

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Select items are available off-the-shelf in low volume quantities through our Amphenol CIT Direct service. Look for the Amphenol CIT Direct icon on applicable products.

RF Connectors

SMP-L Interconnect Series

This connector series incorporates Secure-Lok™, a patented locking mechanism, into the standard SMP interface, which reinforces holding power.

SMPM® Interconnect Series

The industry standard for RF/microwave applications, this connector series is 30% smaller than the SMP connector, enabling increased design performance and complexity and improved form factor.

SPMS Interconnect Series

This sub-miniature, lightweight blind-mateable interconnect solution is ideal for complex high-performance microwave modules and systems where weight is the primary issue

Safe-D-LOCK® Connectors

A reliable alternative to conventional self-locking connectors, the unique design installs quickly without wasting valuable mass or space in the host system

Digital Connectors

Octax®-Solo 10 Gbps Ethernet Interconnect System

Single-port, standalone 10 gbps Ethernet connector designed for a wide variety of aerospace and military applications.

Card Edge Connectors

Designed for high-speed, high-density applications and suitable for PCIe Gen 5& 6 Systems, Gen Z systems, SATA Express, SaaS, and NVMe Systems

Filter Connectors

Circular Filtered Connectors

Constructed using planar filter technology for maximum strength and high performance from low to high frequencies

D-Sub & Micro-D Connectors

Meet all the requirements of MIL-PRF-24308 and MIL-PRF-83513 and offered with standard variations in mounting hardware.


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