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ARACON® Braided EMI Shields

ARACON® Fiber Product: Braided EMI Shields

ARACON® brand metal clad fibers are available in various types of tubular braided EMI shielding for your most demanding applications. Available only from Micro-Coax, ARACON® brand metal-clad fibers combine the strength, light weight and flexibility of genuine DuPont™ KEVLAR® fibers with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of nickel or the solderability of silver.

ARACON® braids offer excellent performance in high-vibration, high-stress applications. When ARACON® fibers are braided into a shield, superior performance against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) with weight savings of up to 80% over conventional metal braiding is achieved.

Nickel-plated ARACON® braids are offered in two grades: shielding grade for those applications where weight savings is paramount and enhanced grade where additional corrosion resistance is required. Silver-plated ARACON® braid is offered in shielding grade only for applications where solderability is crucial. In each case, 75/25 blended braids of ARACON® with either nickel or silver-plated copper wire are available for improved low frequency shielding and lightning protection while still realizing substantial weight savings compared to traditional metal braid.

Typical EMI problem areas behind connectors and backshells are easily migrated with ARACON® EMI braided shields. Multiple sizes are available allowing shielding of various harness and connector sizes and all sizes may be terminated with banding straps, continuous force springs or compression-style terminations to provide the needed EMI shielding without excess weight.

Standard sizes are available for all grades and blends in diameters ranging from 0.062” ID to 2.00” ID. Smaller sizes are available in 100% shielding grade ARACON®. Customized solutions and expert engineering support are available should a special size, blend or contractor sourced overbraid made from bulk ARACON® fiber be required for your specific application. When your shielding application requires weight reduction at a cost effective price, turn to the proven solution.

When braided into a shield, ARACON® metal clad fiber provides superior performance against electromagnetic interference (EMI) with weight savings of up to 80% over conventional metal braiding. ARACON® braids are designed to perform in even the most severe high‐vibration, high‐stress applications.

ARACON® braids are offered with silver or nickel plating depending upon the application. Also available are blends of nickel plated ARACON® with nickel plated copper wire. The blended braids enhance lower frequency shielding performance and provide additional lightning protection, all while still offering substantial weight savings compared to the traditional full metal shield.

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ARACON® is a registered trademark of Micro-Coax, Inc.
KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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