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Major aircraft manufacturers rely on Amphenol CIT as an innovative interconnect partner in Airframe construction. They know we’ll work closely with their engineers to provide high-performance, lightweight and small-form-factor products for the fuselage, wings and undercarriage of aircraft, designed and engineered with ease of installation in mind. From the airframe to the avionic deck, and from the cockpit through cabin management and in-flight connectivity, we are the go-to resource for end-to-end interconnect solutions from the green airframe through to its completion.

Airframe and General Purpose

When designing and building a new airframe, whether it is a fixed wing or rotorcraft, Amphenol CIT has the design expertise and experience to help you reduce weight, keep component size to the smallest footprint possible and maximize electrical and mechanical performance, all with the ease of installation in mind so you can maximize throughput and reduce waste during airframe assembly.  Amphenol CIT products are the primary source on multiple wide- and narrow-body commercial aircraft as well as prominent business jets.  Let us become your interconnect designer and manufacturer of choice.

Harsh Environment

Severe Weather and Moisture Prone (SWAMP) areas, such as wheel wells and external housings within the airframe, demand products that truly withstand the harshest of environments. With over seven decades of design, manufacturing, testing and certification experience in commercial and defense aviation, Amphenol CIT has the products and the expertise to be your end-to-end partner for all of your interconnect application needs.

Avionics and Cockpit Control and Communications

When designing a new aircraft, the systems you design for and plan on installing in the aircraft critical to flight operations are a major consideration.  Amphenol CIT has a complete line of interconnect products designed specifically for current and next-generation avionics and cockpit communication systems, including enhanced vision and heads-up display systems, fuel quantity indication and management, TCAS, Radio Altimeter and many other systems. We will listen to your needs, and work with you to optimize your system requirements.

Cabin Management Systems and In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC)

Amphenol CIT provides a broad assortment of specialized cable designs and interconnect products to support a wide variety of cabin management systems from traditional lighting and controls to in-cabin Wi-Fi services and camera security systems for the doors and cargo holds. Amphenol CIT partners with you to from initial design concept, through building and testing complete interconnects, even certify and work with you on installation for all types of cabin management and IFEC applications, custom or off-the-shelf.

Satellite Communication

Manufacturers of commercial airframes are exploring line-fit options for satellite communications to offer their customers.  Driven by new high-speed connection options available now and coming in the future, Amphenol CIT’s innovative SATCOM connectivity adapter plate based on ARINC 791 specifications offers solutions to allow antennas from multiple systems and antenna manufacturers. This means aircraft manufacturers selling to airlines are not locked into any one solution, giving them the flexibility needed. As an added benefit, Amphenol CIT partners with leading radome manufacturers to offer design services and a ready-to-install kit. In addition, Amphenol CIT provides key components for today’s latest SATCOM systems both inside the LRU and on the aircraft.  Featured products include low PIM antenna cables, low loss connectors and cabling, and installation structures to offer turn-key solutions at the installation site.

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