Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable

Semi-rigid cable comes as close as possible to the ideal coaxial cable and should be the first choice by any RF/microwave engineer. We offer semi-rigid coaxial cable options with a large range of impedances, diameters, materials, and finishes. Many are available for immediate delivery.


50 Ω Copper These cables feature low attenuation and VSWR. With numerous connector options available off-the-shelf, this family of cables is one of the most versatile available today. They provide total shielding for the elimination of signal loss and noise.

  • Diameters from 0.013" to 0.390"
  • Available with silver-plated and tin-plated outer conductor

50 Ω Aluminum Our 50 Ω aluminum semi-rigid cables offer easier bending and significant weight reduction.

  • Available in both standard and low-loss versions
  • Available with a tin-plated outer conductor

Low-Loss 50 Ω Copper & Low-Loss 50 Ω Aluminum Low-loss semi-rigid cables provide lower attenuation, better phase stability with temperature, and a higher operating temperature compared to traditional solid PTFE semi-rigid cables.

  • Available with a tin-plated outer conductor

Non-50 Ω Copper With impedances from 5 to 100 Ω and diameters from 0.020 to 0.250”, our semi-rigid cables are the right solution for any impedance-matching requirement.

Looking for MIL-DTL-17 qualified cables or a different configuration? Contact us! We may already have the special cable you need – or can build your custom configuration.

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Semi-Rigid & Flexible Microwave/RF Cable Brochure

Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable PN Builder Worksheet

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Standard Copper Outer ConductorSilver-Plated Copper Outer ConductorTin-Plated Copper Outer Conductor
UT-013View DatasheetUT-034-SPView DatasheetUT-034-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-020View DatasheetUT-047-SPView DatasheetUT-047-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-034-M17View DatasheetUT-085C-SPView DatasheetUT-085C-H-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-034CView DatasheetUT-085-SP-M17View DatasheetUT-085C-TP-M17
View Datasheet
UT-047-M17View DatasheetUT-141-SA-SP-M17View DatasheetUT-085-H-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-047CView Datasheet
UT-141C-SPView DatasheetUT-085-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-056View DatasheetUT-250C-SPView DatasheetUT-141-HA-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-056-STRView DatasheetUT-141-SA-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-070CView DatasheetUT-141C-TPView Datasheet
UT-085-M17View DatasheetUT-215-TPView Datasheet
UT-085C-M17View DatasheetUT-250A-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-085C-HView Datasheet
UT-085-H-M17View Datasheet
UT-141-SA-M17View Datasheet
UT-141CView Datasheet
UT-250A-M17View Datasheet
UT-325CView Datasheet
UT-390CView Datasheet
Standard Aluminum Outer ConductorTin-Plated Aluminum Outer Conductor
UT-085-ALView DatasheetUT-047-AL-TPView Datasheet
UT-141A-ALView DatasheetUT-085-AL-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-141-SA-AL-TP-M17View Datasheet
UT-250C-AL-TPView Datasheet
Standard Copper Outer ConductorTin-Plated Copper Outer Conductor
UT-031-LLView DatasheetUT-031-TP-LLView Datasheet
UT-047C-LLView DatasheetUT-047C-TP-LLView Datasheet
UT-070-LLView DatasheetUT-070-TP-LLView Datasheet
UT-085C-LLView DatasheetUT-085C-TP-LLView Datasheet
UT-120C-LLView DatasheetUT-120-TP-LLView Datasheet
UT-141C-LLView DatasheetUT-250C-TP-LLView Datasheet
UT-250C-LLView Datasheet
Tin-Plated Aluminum Outer Conductor
UT-047C-AL-TP-LLView Datasheet
UT-085C-AL-TP-LLView Datasheet
UT-141C-AL-TP-LLView Datasheet
Standard Copper Outer ConductorTin-Plated Copper Outer Conductor
UT-020-13View DatasheetUT-075C-10View DatasheetUT-020-13-TPView Datasheet
UT-034-25View DatasheetUT-085C-15View DatasheetUT-034-25-TPView Datasheet
UT-034-95View DatasheetUT-090C-25View DatasheetUT-038C-25-TPView Datasheet
UT-034C-10View DatasheetUT-090C-35View DatasheetUT-085-75-TPView Datasheet
UT-034C-17View DatasheetUT-130-93View DatasheetUT-085-93View Datasheet
UT-038C-25View DatasheetUT-141-70View Datasheet
UT-043C-10View DatasheetUT-141-75View Datasheet
UT-044-12View DatasheetUT-141-100View Datasheet
UT-047-70View DatasheetUT-141C-15View Datasheet
UT-047C-35View DatasheetUT-141C-25View Datasheet
UT-062-18View DatasheetUT-141C-35View Datasheet
UT-062C-18View DatasheetUT-141C-75View Datasheet
UT-070C-10View DatasheetUT-250-75View Datasheet
UT-070C-25View Datasheet

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