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The future of access technology continues to evolve, and working with a company focused on that future is critical to your enterprise success. Amphenol CIT (Amphenol CIT) brings 5G processing capabilities, coupled with high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity, to worldwide applications and markets. Our high-performance interconnect solutions offer scalability, interoperability, reliability, and flexibility.

Internet of Things

Machine Learning | Smart Connected Cities | Sensor Networks Building & Home Automation

Machine learning is a critical component of systems using the Internet of Things (IoT) today. Machines that are used every day, like washers and dryers, lights, mics, speakers, and watches, are connected to each other or to a central network so that they can communicate and quickly share data for real-time decision-making. A growing application is image recognition and obstacle detection for both security and autonomous vehicle driving systems. One of the biggest challenges in IoT applications is saving and managing the huge amounts of data needed to perform tasks effectively. The large storage systems needed for the many racks of data storage and servers are connected by copper and optical fiber links for fast data access. We offer high-speed, low-loss coaxial cable assemblies, ganged high-frequency connectors, cable-to-board, and board-to-board high-speed card edge connectors, and open pin field connectors to facilitate this data access.

IoT Solutions from Amphenol CIT

Interoperability | High-Speed | Security | Reliability

Test & Measurement Systems

Protocol Analyzers | Network Analyzers | Spectrum Analyzers | Oscilloscopes Time Domain Reflectometers

High bandwidths, faster data upload and download, and ultra-low latency are some of the key parameters of 5G networks that need to be measured and verified by tools like protocol and network analyzers, VNAs, spectrum analyzers, and high-sampling-rate oscilloscopes. PCIe protocol is widely used in the industry to support chip-to-chip, board-to-board, and adapter-to-board communications. PCIe 5.0 currently runs at 16 GT/s or 32 Gbps per lane in each upstream and downstream direction, providing a total maximum bandwidth of 128 Gbps in a 16-lane configuration. We offer high-performance card edge board-side connectors, and card-edge cable assemblies to connect systems under test (SUT) with the test and measurement instruments, including protocol analyzers.

T&M Systems Solutions from Amphenol CIT

Low Latency | High Bandwidth | Faster Data Rate | High Density

Network Infrastructure

Routers, Switches & Gateway | Base Stations | Broadcast Antennas Server Racks | Cloud Networks

A high-speed 5G network relies upon the seamless connectivity between indoor residential femtocell customer premises and outdoor micro- and macrocell base station units. Software-defined networks provide interoperability and scalability between various existing networks that may be using different communication protocols. Ultra low-loss RF coaxial cable assemblies connect the base station units with radio units in 5G and LTE networks. With high flexibility and excellent signal integrity performance and reliability, Amphenol CIT’s coaxial cable assemblies result in long lifecycles for both indoor and outdoor operations of 5G cell equipment. Readily available high-precision RF adapters can be used to adapt and translate the RF interfaces required for seamless connectivity across the system. Our CoreHC™ high-frequency ganged interconnect adapters interconnect solution address the need for adapting the tightly spaced high-frequency traces to more usable RF channels that can be connected to VNA and BERT scopes for analysis.

Network Infrastructure Solutions from Amphenol CIT

Scalability | High Bandwidth | Interoperability | Reliability

Automotive & Autonomous Driving

Inter-Car Communication | Data Storage Terminal | Music & Entertainment Clouds | Transceiver/Antenna Connectivity | Driverless/Guided Navigation

Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication in ADS rely heavily on high bandwidth and ultra-fast 5G network infrastructures for services such as traffic and road congestion updates, high-definition streaming videos, and audio-video calling. Rear and side-view cameras, radars, GPS, and LiDARs are some of the sensors that provide real-time decision-making insight to central control systems of self-driving cars for safe and reliable driving. Our high-quality edge launch, vertical-mount RF, and high-speed digital board-side connectors address the need to launch the interconnects to and from tightly spaced, high-density systems boards. Our microflex PCB circuits allow high-density, ultra-lightweight system integration while offering the greatest flexibility and speeds with excellent signal integrity. Our ability to offer 1 mil (25 um) trace spacings on the flex circuit and blind and buried vias as small as 25 um to interconnect multiple layers on the flex PCB, are some of the unique, unmatched capabilities in the industry. These capabilities make these products suitable for applications like smart displays, cameras, radars, and LiDAR units within ADS systems.

Automotive & Autonomous Driving Solutions

High-Density | High-Speed | Flexibility | Ultra Low Loss

Medical Services

Remote Patient Monitoring | Robotic Surgery | Internet of Medical Things | VR/AR Medical Learning | Hospital Energy Efficiency & Management

It is now possible to remotely monitor vitals like blood pressure, blood glucose, and heart rate by using high-speed, in-home wireless networks connected to 5G cellular networks. Additional applications enabled by 5G networks include robotic surgeries, efficient and fast data analysis-transfer-storage, virtual reality, and augmented reality for medical learning. Among our vast RF product line, we offer high-density flex circuits, SMPM/SSMP based CoreGD™, and SecureThread™ interconnect solutions, which provide the high reliability and long life needed for the rugged uses related to healthcare applications. These solutions provide high data rates and adapt the signals from high-density, tightly spaced traces on the board, to any standard precision RF interface (1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.92 mm, and 3.5 mm).

Medical Services Solutions

Custom & Rugged Designs | High-Reliability | Standards Approvals

Military/Defense & Aerospace

Unmanned Flying Drones | MIMO Active Antenna Systems | High-Density Radar Systems | Space Shuttle Communication Systems | Air to GND Communications | Satellite Tracking Systems | Massive Data Storage & Transfers | Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles

Both reliability and precision of intercept and strike missiles are improved with lower latencies and the higher speeds of data achieved with 5G networks. Unmanned flying drones are able to capture and transmit higher resolution images over wide areas using faster networks. With additional bandwidth available, it is possible to use dedicated and encrypted channels for sensitive ground-to-ground or ground-to-air communications. We offer extremely lightweight and precisely phase-matched coaxial cable assemblies that play a vital role in satellite communication. Lightweight assembly design keeps the operational costs low, resulting in longer life. Precise phase-matching results in excellent signal integrity, providing high system reliability. Our SecureThread Interconnect System provides robust connectivity between cables and the SMPM/SSMP connectors on system boards. CoreGD™ is the ruggedized ganged SMPM/SSMP connector system used to translate tight pitch channels for easier and flexible connections. AltaVel, our open pin field interconnect system that is ruggedized with EMI shielding metal housing, addresses high-density signal connectivity issues between printed circuit boards or board to cables.

Military/Defense & Aerospace Solutions

Custom & Rugged Designs | High-Reliability | Standards Approvals

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