Low-Loss Flex Circuits

A multilayer flex circuit has three or more conductive layers with insulating dielectric in between. It features blind or buried vias and top or bottom access to conductors. Amphenol CIT specializes in microvias – vias created with precision laser drilling techniques and those that require dimensional and positional accuracy which most companies cannot attain. By using the thinnest dielectrics available for making interconnects, we make flex circuit interconnects as thin as 1 MIL (25 µm) – including the protective cover layer. A thin flex circuit allows for thin, tiny traces with tight spacing, and possibly fewer number of layers. At the same time, these flex circuits are lighter and highly-flexible. Flex circuits can reduce product assembly time because they seamlessly integrate form, fit, and function into a single circuit. A reduction in assembly time also reduces manufacturing errors and costs.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1 MIL (25 µm) trace/space for small, compact size
  • 25 um vias and critical dimensions of laser ablated features to 10 um, allows high density
  • Complex 3+ layer HDI flex circuits the other shops won’t touch

Amphenol CIT offers fast prototyping and manufacturing of smaller, lighter, and more-reliable flex circuits through MicroConnex, a Amphenol CIT Company. To learn more about our services, visit MicroConnex.com/services/flex-circuits/.

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