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SecureThread is a high performance Interconnect System from Amphenol CIT. It uses a blind mateable push on interface with threaded coupling nut to avoid any movement of the cable assembly, once the connection is made. The interconnect system is available as solderless direct attach and solderable SSMP types and supports frequencies in the range of DC – 65 GHz with excellent signal integrity.

The solderless system uses a compression mount type connector on cable side and a hollow plastic housing that is mounted on standard SMA connector footprint on board, using screws on bottom side. The board side connector can be moved on the PCB as long as the footprint is there.

SSMP based SecureThread interconnect consists of coaxial cable assembly with female SSMP connector and a threaded coupling nut. There is male SSMP board mount connector on board side, which needs to be soldered. The SecureThread cable assemblies are available as CoreHC to CoreHC type, CoreHC to Precision Connector 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, and 1.85 mm type and Secure SSMP to Secure SSMP, Secure SSMP to Precision Connector 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, and 1.85 mm type configurations.

  • Easily and repeatedly configurable into applications, significantly reducing time and cost
  • Compatible with several of Amphenol CIT’s cables, including the AccuPhase®, IntegraPhase, Semi-Rigid and Semi-Flexible cables
  • Phase matching up to 2 ps for cable pairs
  • Surface mount type and field replacement board-side connectors
  • Compression pin mount solderless secure CoreHC solution

Features & Benefits


Feature Customer Benefit
Wide frequency range of DC – 65 GHz Covers the frequency range requirements of users, now and future, at a lower overall cost
Solder and Solderless options Enables quick and efficient connection in highly dense applications
Surface Mount and Field Replaceable types No electrical length or phase variation under vibration, shock or any other kind of movement enables stable and reliable signals
Pre-tinned SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Simplified mounting of board connectors provides fast and easy soldering and ensures performance, reducing time to mount and cost
500 mating/de-mating cycles Robust design ensures high signal integrity in a long-life package
Quickly re-configurable Low engagement/disengagement force makes it easy to push on/off to quickly re-configure the application, reducing time and cost
CoreHC to Precision Connectors or SSMP to Precision Connectors Interface Simplified connection from device under test to test equipment

Suggested Applications

  • High-Speed Digital Systems
  • Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
  • Oscilloscope
  • Bit Error Ratio Tests (BERT)
  • Switch matrix
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Semiconductors
  • Design validation testing
  • Integrators
  • Military/Defense
  • Electronic sensors

SecureThread Configuration Options

SecureThread SSMP Configuration

Secure-Thread SSMP Configuration


SecureThread SSMP Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) Footprint


SecureThread SSMP Stripline Footprint


Note: For reference only, complete details available on supporting documentation.

SecureThread Specifications

Typical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Impedance 50 Ω
Frequency Range DC to 50 GHz DC to 65 GHz
VSWR Frequency Range VSWR Return Loss VSWR Return Loss
DC - 26 GHz 1.11:1

<-26 dB


<-20 dB

26 GHz - 40 GHz 1.20:1

<-19 dB


<-20 dB

40 GHz - 50 GHz 1.25:1

<-17 dB


<-15 dB

50 GHz - 65 GHz 1.4

<-15 dB


<-15 dB

Insertion Loss 0.10 x √F (GHz) dB 0.12 x √F (GHz) dB
Working Voltage 335 VRMS Max @ Sea Level
DWV (Dielectric Withstand Voltage) 500 VRMS (min)
Insulation Resistance 5,000 MΩ (min)
RF High Pot 325 VRMS @ 5 MHz
Force to
Smooth Bore 0.5 lbs
Force to
Smooth Bore 0.5 lbs
Corona Level 125 VRMS at 70,000 ft
Crosstalk at PCB Transition -50 dB to 30 GHz, -40 dB to 40 GHz
RF Leakage -90 dB -65 dB
Contact Durability 500 cycles
Temperature Range -55 ˚C to +165 ˚C
Environmental Meets MIL-STD-202 for
corrosion, vibration, moisture resistance,
thermal and mechanical shock

 SecureThread Performance


Test Setup for Interconnect Performance

Test Setup for Interconnect Performance





Product Information Resources

SecureThread product info and part numbers sheet

Secure-Thread™ Cable Assemblies

Product Drawings  SSMP — ST, SSMP Cbl Assy, SMA, 292mm, 244mm, 185mm, (M), Prod Drawing (.zip) 3D STEP Files  SSMP — ST, SSMP Cbl Assy, SMA, 292mm, 244mm, 185mm, (M), 3D STEP Files (.zip)

Secure-Thread™ Board Mount Connectors

Product and Footprint Drawing  SSMP — ST, SSMP board connector, product drawing (.pdf) 3D STEP Files  SSMP — S ST, WMP Cbl Assy, SMA, 292mm, 244mm, 185mm, (M), 3D STEP Files (.STEP)

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