D-Sub & Micro-D Connectors

D-Sub & Micro-D Connectors

D-Sub & Micro-D Connectors

Amphenol CIT D-Sub & Micro-D filter connectors meet all the requirements of MIL-PRF-24308 and MIL-PRF-83513 while providing filtering in accordance with the attenuation curves noted herein. MIL-PRF-24308 connectors (Standard density and Hi-density) and MIL-PRF-83513 are manufactured in all layouts offering maximum contact density in a minimum of space.

Both series of connectors are offered with the standard variations in mounting hardware, standard straight or right angle contacts and PCB, solder cup, and crimp termination.

Performance Benefits / Certification

  • Planar design
  • Machined shells
  • Ferrite immobilization
  • Space qualified
  • Can incorporate filtering plus Transient Voltage Suppression
  • Can meet DO-160 lightning requirements

Design Considerations

Rectangular Mating End
Filter Types* Electrical Environmental Mounting
MIL-DTL-24308 Pin C Feed Thru Contacts Thermal Cycle Clinch Nut PC Tails
MIL-DTL-83513 Socket Pi Ground Contacts Thermal Shock Helicoil Solder Cup
C-L/L-C DWV min ____ VDC Burn-in Jack Posts Crimp
T Immersion Wire Wrap

* Maximum or Mixed Capacitance Requirement? ____pF

Mechanical & Environmental Performance

Test Description Procedure
Temperature Cycling EIA-364-32 Condition I
Durability 500 Matings at a rate of 200 ± 100 cycles per hour
Shock EIA-364-27, 3 Axis
Vibration EIA-364-28 Condition IV
Fluid Immersion EIA-364-10 Test Fluids (a) and (d)
Salt Spray EIA-364-26 Condition B
Humidity EIA-364-31 Method IV

Attenuation Graphs

‘Pi’ Type Filter Attenuation

‘C’ Type Filter Attenuation

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D-Sub & Micro-D product information sheet

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Connectors & Accessories

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Commercial Aerospace

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