Semi-Flex® Cable Assemblies

A tried and proven alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables, Amphenol CIT's Semi-Flex® Coaxial Cable Assemblies are:

  • Comparable in performance to semi-rigid cables
  • Hand-formable for use within RF/microwave systems
  • Ideal for connecting components within the box
  • Capable of connecting to external equipment

With an outer conductor comprised of a tin-filled copper wire braid (which enables easy forming/reforming by hand), a copper/poly foil inner layer, and a semi-rigid-style dielectric and center conductor, our Semi-Flex Cables provide enhanced shielding and performance that exceeds traditional conformable cables.

The conformable properties of the cable allow or easy hand-forming and shape retention, making field installation quick and simple without compromising electrical performance. The malleable nature of the outer jacket eliminates solder joint failures and allows for bends directly behind the fillet. These features, along with Amphenol CIT’s anti-torque connector designs (see inset above), remarkably extend the assemblies’ working life, even after many connect/disconnect cycles.

Semi-Flex Cable Assemblies also help users meet deadlines, reduce cost, eliminate tooling and drafting needs, and simplify manufacturing processes all at once.


  • Hand-formable without the need for bending tools
  • Excellent electrical performance; comparable to semi-rigid cables
  • 100% shielded with two metal outer conductors for reduced leakage
  • Superior flexibility and bending radius compared to semi-rigid
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Available in various lengths and connector options
  • One week lead time

In addition to our standard offering, Amphenol CIT is proud to offer a vast library of modified designs and customized options which may include:

  • Different connector options
  • Higher frequency coverage
  • Extended environmental testing

Our team of on-site engineers can help develop the right solution for your application needs.

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