UGF055D Miniature Multi-Channel RF Cable Assemblies

Specifically designed for high-density microwave applications up to 70 GHz, the UGF055D is a miniature multi-channel RF assembly that stands up to the most demanding space-flight, defense, and 5G environments. The ultra-low-loss UGF055D boasts:

  • UTiFLEX® cable
  • Lowest possible VSWR and insertion loss
  • High-performance thread-on and push-on connectors
  • Multi-way harness configurations for launching directly onto PCBs

Employing all the cable and connector performance and proven reliability of our UTiFLEX line – only in a smaller and higher-performing package – UGF055D features a double-shielded cable construction with a rugged FEP outer jacket. Popular connector options include 1.85 mm, 2.92 mm, SMP, and SMPM.

Features Benefits
Line sizes to match high-frequency connectors Lowest possible return loss (VSWR) and insertion loss
Helical metal-wrapped outer conductor Maximizes RF shielding and flexibility, especially critical for high-density multi-way applications
MIL and/or space-rated materials Available M39012 Group A and B compliant, and as required, restricted use of prohibited materials such as pure tin, cadmium, and zinc
100% test and inspection of electrical and mechanical requirements Allows peace of mind and for receipt and integration of assemblies/harnesses without additional quality checks
Vertical integration of connectors, cables, and assemblies Amphenol CIT-produced connectors and cables are designed for optimized assembly and matching, enhancing performance and reliability of finished assemblies/harnesses
Compatible with high-density PCB launch mechanism Enables direct launch to PCBs with proven SMPM technology, reducing footprint, and lowering installation costs

Multiway Harness2x4 Multi-Way Right-Angle SMPM Harness

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