TM40-0313-0X is a high-performance coaxial cable assembly from Amphenol CIT that is used to connect the SecureThread lock board side SSMP connector i.e. TM14-0084-00 to 2.92 mm connectors on the cable side. The assembly has a female straight SSMP connector with a coupling nut for SecureLock connection with board side SSMP connector. There is a 2.92 mm male straight connector on the other end of the assembly to connect to the instrument/cable side. Coaxial cable with 0.078" outer shield diameter and characteristic impedance of 50 Ω is used in the assembly that supports the frequency range of DC - 40 GHz. The cable assembly offers a seamless and secure connection in rugged, high vibration environments with excellent signal integrity. Maximum insertion loss at 18 GHz is 1.3 dB for 1' long assembly and return loss is limited to -14 dB. This cable assembly is offered in a pair with phase-matched down to 2 ps max.


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