P500 Passive Probe

The P500 Passive Probe

Part of Amphenol CIT’s full lineup of customizable interconnect solutions, the P500 Passive Probe family is a standard, commercial o-the-shelf system engineered to deliver consistent, repeatable and dependable results.

Designed from ground up to provide a superior quality “look and feel” for customers who want the highest quality at low price.

The P500 Passive Probe family is fully customizable for color, shape, logos, markings and attenuation. Accessories can also be custom designed to your application.


Suggested Applications

  • Low power device services
  • Manufacturing
  • Test research and development
  • Low to medium frequency measurement
  • Low-frequency computer and telecom measurements
  • Power supplies
  • Inverter design

Features and Benefits

Feature Customer Benefit
Miniaturized Probe Head Ideal for probing ne pitch ICs and dense geometry circuit elements common on modern electronics
Probe Coding Automatic attenuation scaling via BNC interface when used with compatible oscilloscopes
Third party certified, exceeds UL61010-31, IEC61010-31 Superior product quality and safety assured by Underwriter Laboratory certification
Customizable Design Amphenol CIT can provide custom designs to match electrical performance and industrial design requirements for probe and probe accessories

Specifications and Performance

Parameter P500-010 (10X)
Bandwidth DC - 500 MHz
Attenuation Ratio 10:1
Max Input Voltage (V) *300 V Cat II
Input Resistance 10 M ohms
Input Capacitance (pF) 11 pF
Compensation Range 10-35 pF
Rise Time <0.9 ns
Safety Conformance to Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC, amendment 93/68/EEC;
OperatingTemperature 0 to 50 °C, 80% RH
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 70 °C
Operating Altitude up to 2,000 m
Storage Altitude up to 15,000 m

Voltage Derating Curve

P500 - Voltage Derating Curve

P500 - Voltage Derating Curve - 2

Ordering Information

Model Description
P500-010 10X Probe Kit
Kit Includes: » Probe
» Grabber Hook
» Insulating Tip Cap
» BNC Adapter
» Replacement Tips
» RF Ground Spring
» Adjusting Screw Driver
» Alligator Ground Lead
» Instruction Manual

P500 - Ordering

Probe (1), Grabber Hook (2), BNC Adapter (3), Alligator Ground lead (4), RF Ground Spring (5), Adjustment Tool (6), Replacement Tips (7)

Product Information Resources

P500 Passive Probe product overview

User Guide

 P500 Passive Probe user guide

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Product Markets

Commercial Aerospace
Test & Measurement

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