Octax® High Speed Data Assemblies

Amphenol CIT offers 35 years of custom cable assembly experience. We offer engineering support for build-to-print or design capabilities for a complete solution. Our Octax High-Speed Cable Assemblies are available in both plug and socket versions and capable of being utilized in a panel mount application. The connector weighs approximately 40% less than those of its competitors and uses standard M39029 contacts. These Octax cables house four Ethernet pairs in separate low profile cells within a small envelope housing. These Octax high-speed cables are optimized for use with Amphenol CIT's Gigabit Series Cables. Other characteristics include:

  • Discrete copper assemblies - Ranging from single end terminated to multi-breakout harnesses
  • Rack and panel assemblies with fully automated wire harness testing
  • Box build capability including complete turnkey electromechanical solution
  • Design for manufacturability review (customer supplied designs)
  • Capable of delivering data transfer speed of 10gbits/sec or higher
  • Compliant with TIA/EIA, ISO CAT 6A or CAT 7, and ROHS test standards
  • Robust latching system and EMI shielding
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and shell to shell conductivity
  • Unique contact retaining mechanism for ease of manufacturing and field rework (Very compact and lightweight)
  • Highly precise CNC machined parts
  • Blind-mateable, Scoop-proof, and Environmentally Sealed

Product Facts

  • Amphenol CIT cables are lighter and more flexible, making them easier to install than conventional cables
  • Field repairable
  • Optimum shielding to minimize interference issues
  • Developed for minimal insertion loss and superior protection against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Meet or exceed burn/smoke requirements set forth by Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Ideal for use in cabin management systems, communications, in-flight entertainment equipment, EFB systems, and all aircraft applications where temperature, noise protection, and flexibility are critical concerns

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Octax® Ultra High-Speed Interconnect Solutions Brochure

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Cable Assemblies & Harnesses

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Commercial Aerospace

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