CQ Connectors

Click. It's connected. With equal ease, it's disconnected. No tools needed.The only connectors of their kind, this Tri-Star innovation makes installation, modifications and maintenance faster and easier.

Key Features

  • Unique, built-in locking/unlocking mechanism
  • Audible "click" confirms connectors are fully mated
  • Mates with any standard D-Subminiature or MIL-C-24308 connector,when lockpost hardware is installed
  • No tools needed
  • 5 different shell sizes
  • Standard D-Subminiature insert arrangements from 9 through 50 positions including nine additional coaxial arrangements
  • Available in an environmentally sealed version that prevents moisture intrusion when mated
  • Ideal for blind mating applications and hard-to-reach places, such as under passenger seats
  • Accommodates power, signal and coaxial contacts (also available through Tri-Star)

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