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Gigabit Ethernet Cables

Our Gigabit Ethernet cables combine industry-leading, high-speed performance with significant size and weight advantages over comparable cables. Their durable design and exceptional electrical and mechanical performance characteristics make them ideal for a broad range of high-speed Ethernet applications in the aerospace, defense, military, ground transportation, industrial and RF communication markets. Gigabit Series Ethernet cables have been developed in a wide variety of configurations to provide 1 and 10 Gb performance in the most demanding applications. Pair our Gigabit cables with an Octax® connector for an ultra high-speed assembly.

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Gigabit-Shielded Dual Quads

Comprised of a shielded dual quad design configuration to achieve the necessary performance for any given Ethernet application

Gigabit-Plus™ Ethernet Cables

Provide exceptional 1000 Base-T performance up to 250 MHz at distances of up to 100 m

Gigabit-Flexx™ Ethernet Cables

Combine exceptional 1000 Base-T performance with a bend radius of 0.75 in. (19.0 mm), which makes them extremely flexible and easy to route in tight spaces

Gigabit-10HP™ Ethernet Cables

Feature bonded pairs and X-Web to ensure reliable 10 Gb performance up to 500 MHz at distances up to 90.0 m in the most extreme routing and applications

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