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Amphenol CIT's stand-offs were created for ease of visual inspection by color coding to indicate height and made from aerospace grade aluminum for additional weight savings. Our Male/Female Threaded Hex Stand-offs are ideal for clamping wire bundles or tubes away from a bulkhead or to route through various structural installations.

  • Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum for additional weight savings.
  • Color-coded to visually represent the various height dimensions which makes installation and repair quicker and easier as you will not have to measure the stand-off height.
  • FAA design approval is available for select airframes.

Product Table

P/N Length (est) Length (act) Color
200-13531-0375 short 0.375 blue
200-13531-0625 short 0.625 green
200-13531-0750 short 0.750 orange
200-13531-1125 medium 1.125 red
200-13531-1250 medium 1.250 brown
200-13531-1375 medium 1.375 blue
200-13531-1625 medium 1.625 green
200-13531-1750 medium 1.750 orange
200-13531-2125 long 2.125 red
200-13531-2250 long 2.250 brown
200-13531-2375 long 2.375 blue
200-13531-2625 long 2.625 green
200-13531-2750 long 2.750 orange
200-13531-3 steel 0.500 stainless steel
200-13531-4 steel 1.000 stainless steel

Installation Notes

  • These stand-offs do not contain thread locking features.  Appropriate anti-vibration locking should be applied.  (i.e. lock washer, thread locking adhesive, etc.)
  • Installation of aluminum male threads into steel locking nuts is not recommended.
  • Installation torque is 25 in-lb maximum, 20 in-lb is recommended.
  • The configuration shown below is not possible, but it is noted here due to the fact that it has been a common design/assembly oversight.  (Threads bottom out.)

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