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Advanced Thumbscrew Hold-Downs

Advanced Thumbscrew Hold-Downs

Amphenol CIT’s Advanced Thumbscrew Hold-Downs are the lightweight, high-performance option for when a more advanced hold-down solution is needed. Developed to meet the extreme performance standards of ABS1699, ASNA2168, and RTCA/DO-160, these hold-downs retain equipment even when not fully tightened and provide superior installation force compared to standard military-style hold-downs.


Conforms to:

  • ABS1699
  • ASNA2168
  • RTCA/DO-160

Designed for use with:

  • ARINC 404A
  • ARINC 600
  • ARINC 628
  • ARINC 704A
  • ARINC 738A-1


  • 32 g max


  • Aluminum components with anodized finish
  • Acetal/Delrin
  • RoHS compliant
  • Fasteners - Installation via #6-32 (.138-32) UNC screws using standard tooling

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Advanced Thumbscrew Hold-Downs Datasheet

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