Ultra-Flexible High-Voltage Shielded Composite Wire

Our 1,000-volt composite wires offer exceptional flexibility in smaller-diameter, lightweight constructions for applications requiring total temperatures of up to 260 °C. These wires feature:

  • A nickel-plated copper shield which offers electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection or can be used for ground fault detection
  • Seamless™ Wrap PTFE jacket technology which offers all the advantages of tape wrap, with a smooth outer surface that improves installation characteristics
  • Highly flexible conductor strands which make the cable easy to work with on the production floor

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Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
High-voltage performance of 1,000 V • Corona resistant
Shielded construction • EMI protection

• Ground fault detection

Minimum bend radius of 6x • Allows routing around tight bends and in restricted areas
UV laser marking • Easily identify wire for customer and end-users
Seamlesss™ jacket construction • Smooth appearance and installation characteristics of an extrusion
Exceptional arc-propagation resistance • Key safety factor for customer and end users
High-strand-count conductor • Extremely flexible for installation and routing purposes

Connectors for Shielded & Unshielded Cable Applications

Whether for an air taxi operating at 1,000 VAC and 1,500 VDC at 15,000 ft., or a military aircraft operating at 3,600 VAC and 5,100 VDC at 55,000 ft., we have the expertise to engineer and produce the right connector for your shielded and unshielded cable applications. Contact us for details.

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Ultra-Flexible High-Voltage Shielded Composite Wire datasheet

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Commercial Aerospace

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