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Our sensor cables are designed to maintain critical low-level signals from sophisticated sensors, providing a clean data transmission that helps preserve the information from the sensor. Whether your application calls for the measurement of weight, fluid levels, flow rate, temperature, proximity or vibration, we can design and build a cable to meet even your most demanding needs in applications like:

• Pressure Transducers (Liquid Level, Flow Level, Load Cell, Soot)
• Temperature & Humidity Sensors
• Proximity Transducers
• Fluid Property Sensors
• Piezoelectric Sensors
• O2 Sensors
• Vibration Sensors

We have extensive experience manufacturing rugged cable constructions suitable for hostile environments like those present in wastewater treatment facilities, downhole oil, autonomous mobile robots, off-highway equipment, machining centers, nuclear power plant inspection, agricultural systems, municipal drainage sumps, and well-monitoring applications.

Key Characteristics

• Designed with materials suitable for demanding short-term, long-term, or permanent installations, even those with extreme environments
• Capable of withstanding temperatures from -65° C to +260° C, and up to +300° C for short-term exposure

Construction Options

Stranded or high-strength copper alloy
Silver or nickel plated


Aluminum/Mylar foil
• Copper braid
• Flat or round wires (nickel, silver, or tin plated)
• Stainless steel braid
• Custom combinations available for enhanced shielding & EMI resistance

Seamless & Seamless T®

Dupont Tefzel® and Surlyn® materials are commonly used where their increased abrasion resistance and inert chemical profile are desirable for the specific application. Examples are remediation wells and drinking water tanks that are periodically sanitized using chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite without removing the transducer.

Strength Members:
Stainless steel or Kevlar® strength members can be incorporated into cables requiring enhanced longitudinal strength.

We also offer Ethernet, coaxial, and thermocouple cables for sensor applications. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Product Categories

Wire & Cable

Product Markets

Commercial Aerospace

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