MIL-DTL-17 Coaxial Cable

The outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of PTFE over a broad range of temperatures and frequencies make these coaxial Mil-DTL-17 cables the standard for a wide range of military and commercial applications.

Key Features

Mil-DTL-17 cables are constructed with either solid or stranded silver plated conductors insulated with an extruded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) dielectric. Advantages of Mil-DTL-17 cables:

  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals, oils and lubricants
  • High screen coverage to enhance electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance
  • Superior dielectrical properties

Product Construction

Mechanical/Environmental Performance

PTFE Insulations with FEP or PTFE jackets
Operating temperatures of - 55°C to + 200°C
Available with single or doubled silver plated copper screen
Impedance to 50, 75 or 95 Ohms

Product Information Resources

View all MIL-Dtl-17 part numbers and detailed mechanical performance

Product Categories

Wire & Cable

Product Markets

Commercial Aerospace

More Information

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