Lightweight 100 Base-T Ethernet Quad Cable

Since the aerospace market is always looking to reduce weight on aircrafts, Amphenol CIT NPD Engineering has developed a new 100 Ω quad Ethernet cable to minimize weight. By using an aluminum round shield in place of the standard tin shield, the new cable design allows for a substantial weight savings, without sacrificing temperature rating or electrical performance.

Features Benefits
Optimized weight for aerospace applications Weight savings of 16% over standard quad cables
Ease of termination Designed for compatibility with existing connectors and ability to use in high-temperature applications
Meets speeds up to 100 MHz Equivalent electrical performance of higher weight quads
Extruded primary wire and jackets Allows for ease of stripping and termination
Identification marking on jacket Readable identification for installers

Jacket is laser-markable

Ease of identification for assembly builder

Product Information Resources

Lightweight 100 Base-T Ethernet Quad Cable datasheet

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Wire & Cable

Product Markets

Commercial Aerospace

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