High-Performance 24 AWG Ethernet Quad Cable

Part of our NETflight® Ethernet Cable Series, our high-performance 24 AWG Ethernet Quad Cable is designed to provide reliable performance at extreme data rates in a 100 Ω quad construction. Part of our robust family of data cable products, this cable is:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • RoHS compliant

Tested to 1 GHz up to 100 ft, it provides all of the performance and benefits of previous Ethernet quad constructions, but with a higher temperature rating and faster data rates up to 1 GHz, making it ideal for the harsh environments of aerospace and military applications.

Features Benefits
Faster data speeds up to 1 GHz Supports more applications
Use in extreme environmental conditions Better handling during termination and installation and over long-term use
Reliable electrical performance Customer confidence in overall system application
Cable indentification located on jacket Easily identifiable during installation
Higher temperature range Able to use up to 200 ºC

Product Information Resources

High-Performance 24 AWG Ethernet Quad Cable datasheet

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Wire & Cable

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Commercial Aerospace

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