BMS 13-55 Firezone Wire

BMS 13-55

BMS 13-55 is the Boeing specification for Firezone wire. These wires are designed for critical circuit applications where wires must operate in extremely harsh environments, under vibration, and with direct flame exposure.

Key Features

  • Firezone wires for aircraft engine applications are designed to operate continuously at 260°C
  • Firezone applications are designed to operate for a minimum of 15 minutes at up to 2000°F (1093°C), including in a direct flame
  • Firezone qualification must pass BSS 7324 and M25038 Shake and Bake Test


Shake and Bake Test Description

  • Wire must withstand a flame temperature of 2,000° ± 50°F for 15 minutes
  • After the flame has been stabilized, the wire is vibrated 30 times per second, with the rack having a maximum total excursion (overall movement) of approximately .06 inches (1.52mm)
  • After 15 minutes, the lowest insulation resistance is measured
  • No insulation can flake or fall off during the flame exposure

Firezone Requirements v. Results

Requirements Results
BMS 13-55 10kΩ 500kΩ

Product Construction

Conductor Nickel-plated copper
Insulation Impregnated inorganic fiber and TFE coated glass braid
Jacket Seamless-wrap PTFE tape
Identification Surface printed per BMS 13-55
Colors Color coated per BMS 13-55
Voltage Rating 600V
Temperature Rating -65 to 260°C

Mechanical/Environmental Performance

Boeing P/N P/N AWG Stranding Nominal Conductor Diameter Nominal Insulation Diameter Weight lbs/1000ft (kg/1000M) Maximum Resistance
BMS13-55T01 C01 G12 12-BF1-1925 12 19/25 0.088(2.24) 0.157(3.99) 29.11(19.5) 2.78(9.12)
BMS13-55T01 C01 G14 14-BF1-1927 14 19/27 0.07(1.78) 0.123(3.12) 18.25 (12.3) 4.32 (14.2)
BMS13-55T01 C01 G16 16-BF1-1929 16 19/29 0.055(1.39) 0.108(2.74) 12.71(8.5) 6.86 (22.5)
BMS13-55T01 C01 G18 18-BF1-1930 18 19/30 0.049(1.24) 0.101(2.57) 10.53(7.1) 9.14(30.0)
BMS13-55T01 C01 G20 20-BF1-1932 20 19/32 0.039(.991) 0.093(2.36) 8.01(5.4) 14.57(47.9)
BMS13-55T01 C01 G22 22-BF1-1934 22 19/34 0.031(.787) 0.086(2.18) 6.35(4.3) 23.7(77.7)

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Thermazone™ Cables product information sheet

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Wire & Cable

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Commercial Aerospace

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