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CarlisleIT Announces New Retrofit FlightGear™ Universal ARINC 791 Installation for GX SATCOM

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Announces New Retrofit FlightGear™ Universal ARINC 791 Installation for GX SATCOM

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL — June 26, 2018—Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT), a division of Carlisle Companies (CSL), announces a new retrofit installation of the FlightGear™ Universal ARINC 791 installation for GX SATCOM. This FAA supplemental type certificate (FAA-STC) will certify the installation for a fleet of A319/320/321 aircraft and includes all internal, external and LRU provisions to support full activation of GX SATCOM. In parallel, CarlisleIT will obtain an FAA-STC for the cabin Wi-Fi system installation and activation on the same fleet.

The CarlisleIT FlightGear™ Universal ARINC 791 installation is qualified to meet all requirements of OEM and retrofit installation. Its design is engineered to minimizes installation time and is optimized for a perfect fit on all airframes.

The retrofit installation on Airbus single-aisle family follows recent certification on Boeing 777-300/300ER and utilizes a common platform with the previously qualified OEM line-fit solution for all Airbus airframes.

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