Amphenol CIT in Space

Our broad range of interconnect solutions has been ensuring mission success for decades in the space industry. From spacecraft and launch vehicles to satellite integration and ground support equipment, our RF Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Filter Connectors, Seamless Wire, Fiber Optics, and other specialized products provide high performance and reliability in the harshest and most demanding environments.

Here at Amphenol CIT, we design and test our products to meet the requirements of extreme vibration during launch, thermal cycling, outgassing, and radiation once payloads are operational in orbit. In space, there is no option to repair or replace interconnect products — they need to work the first time, every time.

Whether your mission is deep space exploration and discovery or a Low Earth Orbit constellation supporting the “space internet,” we have you covered.


Spacecraft & Launch Vehicles

Launchers are complex machines, and require the same kind of interconnects as the payloads they’re delivering. Everything needs to be reliable, performing at the highest level and quality over time.

Satellite Integration

Connecting the world via satellite requires interconnect solutions that meet the strictest tolerances and perform in the harshest conditions. That’s precisely what we deliver.

Deep Space Exploration

Working with the space program for over five decades, our people have extensive knowledge of the unique challenges presented by space travel. From new space capsules and vehicles to discovering and exploring new worlds, Amphenol CIT engineers are working with new and innovative companies to bring their ideas and applications to life — to perhaps discover life elsewhere or bring life from Earth to extreme environments somewhere else.

RF Power Handling

The performance parameters that must be addressed when considering power handling within the spaceflight environment are the three main failure mechanisms that can lead to RF breakdown: thermal limitations of the materials, multipaction, and ionization.

Laser Communications

Fast Steering Mirrors (FSMs) precisely direct laser beams between satellites, ensuring accurate alignment and stable data transmission. Equipped with nanometer-resolution position sensors, FSMs provide precise control over mirror position, even in dynamic environments, minimizing signal loss and maximizing data throughput. Amphenol CIT is at the forefront of advancing OISL technology by providing state-of-the-art sensor solutions for FSMs.

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