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Amphenol CMT offers rugged and reliable interconnect systems for video endoscopy, surgical power tools and robotics applications. Manufacturers partner with us for our expertise in high-speed cable and interconnect design, molding and materials, and sterilization.

We have decades of interconnect experience that helps ensure we can meet your most demanding performance requirements while accelerating your development time and reducing development risk for critical surgical applications. Our team will work with you to determine the best approach for your product to create a cable assembly that is robust enough to withstand sterilization, yet still have ergonomics for use in the operating theater.

Autoclave/Sterilization Withstand

Amphenol CMT' assemblies are designed and manufactured to withstand the unique environmental demands your device requires. Autoclavable solutions feature:

  • Custom designed cable and assembly level testing with the worlds most advanced equipment
  • Computer interface for real-time data logging
  • In-House Advanced Sterilization including Autoclave, Sterrad 100NX, Steris System 1E, and Industrial Dishwasher

Amphenol CMT combines over 50 years of cable manufacturing expertise with world-class capabilities to exceed your unique performance specifications. High-performance cables feature silicone jackets, 5ps/ft skew control to 5.0Gbs, controlled impedance at 100Ω differential, highly flexible shield construction, and parylene coating. Products include:

  • High-Speed Video Cable
  • High-Performance Power Cable
  • Harsh Environment Fiber Optics
  • Hybrid Cable Assemblies

Video Endoscopy

Amphenol CMT leads the way in video endoscopy products configured to meet the needs of medical device OEMs around the world. We specialize in complete, customized solutions, encompassing the CCU interconnect, high-performance cable core and camera interconnect.

Our rich design and manufacturing expertise ensure our endoscopy assemblies will withstand hostile environmental conditions such as high pressure, heat and humidity, as well as moisture ingress—thanks to specialized molding and potting techniques.

Regardless of cleaning technique, our products deliver a complete seal, protecting the camera and other vital endoscopy components. We also have the ability to design and test assemblies for the data-rate speed required for 4k or HDMI video, meeting the demand for ever-higher resolution images.

Medical Suites Interconnects

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